DiscoverEU: Kraków🇵🇱

Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

So, this is going to be my first post on my interrailing adventure across Europe. I think I’ll make one separate post for each city I visit (so 9 in total, possibly more), and write about my experiences in each one.

Anyway, let’s talk about my first destination: the historic city of Kraków.

(Though technically our first city was Münich, since our transfer flight got delayed and we were forced to stay there for a night🙃)

Though we couldn’t really stay for long because of a delayed flight, I think my friends and I definitely had a fantastic time.

One of the highlights was most certainly the electric scooters. As it was the first introduction to them for many of my friends, we spent a large amount of time scooting around and sightseeing. It was especially nice at night, where there were less cars (less threats of crashing😄) and less people around. We took a cruise along the Vistula River, where afterwards we decided to take a risky leap from the boat onto the shore and almost falling into the river (which wasn’t the best idea🙃).

It was cool, and the driver even let us steer the boat for a while.

The hostel itself was also really great value. We were provided free breakfast and dinner, and even free luggage storage when we had to check out. Greg and Tom’s Beer Hostel, would definitely recommend 🙏🏼

And although we could only stay for one day, it was still a nice experience touring around the city and appreciating it.

Mini highlights:

  • It was dirt cheap.
  • Everyone there had stunning eyes👀
  • A scary experience of accidentally walking directly beside the highway with our electric scooters because Google maps told us to🙃

Next stop: Prague🇨🇿

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