Discover EU: Brussels🇧🇪

Hey friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

Next city on the Interrailing list is the city of Brussels! Here’s what we did during our stay there🙃

Day 1

  • Completely lazed around in our hostel doing nothing. To be fair, the hostel this time was absolutely amazing and was a huge step up from our previous ones, plus we hadn’t had a proper rest day since probably the start of our trip. Thus, we were all exhausted and decided to just stay in our hostel for the rest of the day. Rest is important for these types of trips after all🤷🏻‍♂️
  • It was also one of our friends’ birthday this day as well. So with a bit of a last minute dash to the supermarket for cake and candles, we threw together a little celebration for him in our room as well🙃👍🏼

Day 2

  • Billiards and pool day. Because the others were tired of seeing me miss ball after ball, they eventually taught me the proper way to hold and use the cue stick. Saw an almost instant improvement in my striking compared to before. Let’s go😎
  • We wound up taking the electric scooters to and from the billiards place. And while yes, the view at times was incredible and the ride was exhilarating , I probably dodged death more times that evening than anytime, anywhere else. I suppose the traffic laws are just more lax over there and although I don’t even have my license yet, I swear last time I checked ‘Red’ universally means to stop, and to not blatantly continue on as pedestrians are crossing and others are crossing. Thankfully no one actually got hurt during that riding session, but dear god was it scary.

Day 3

  • Definitely didn’t learn our lesson from yesterday, and instead rented bicycles from our hostel for the day. Still would advise future travellers here to be cautious of traffic😅The cycling itself was lots of fun, and we used them to traverse and visit a handful of Belgian landmarks and sights.
  • Visited and went atop the Atomium. Interesting architecture and design. The view from the top wasn’t as grand as the Berlin TV tower view, but still satisfying nonetheless. A group of girls were also asking my friend for his Instagram which was cool.
  • Visited the Brussels Design Museum, as the admission fee was included in our ticket for the Atomium. Not gonna lie, not really my thing. I suppose I was never the artistic type, but I honestly found some of the designs pretty boring or basic🤦🏻‍♂️One cool thing I found was this humanised chair though.
  • Paid €9 for a gym session in Brussels since the majority of us were feeling pretty fat and bloated from eating so much junk recently. The ride back with the bicycles was lovely😶

Day 4

  • Escape room! Visited and played in one of Brussel’s highest rated escape rooms, and beat it with 11 extra minutes to spare. When we first arrived and no one was answering the door, we actually thought the puzzles had already begun and we had to figure out a way into the building to play🫠Thankfully this wasn’t the case. I also pretty much got hard carried by my friends since I’m horrible at escape rooms
  • Visited Brussels city centre and got to see even more landmarks, including the statue of a boy peeing into a fountain. Really appreciated the design of some of the buildings, and honestly thought they were really nice.
  • Also had my first Belgian waffle, which we got in an apparently very well-known Belgian waffle shop. So good, holy crap. Unfortunately I was stingy and didn’t get many toppings with mine, but make sure you do if you ever go down to Brussels and try them. Amazing stuff, and also great dessert dish.

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