A Rebellious Summary of this Blog’s Purpose

Hi all, hope you’re all keeping well.

I do indeed realise that not many people read this blog, and that most of the time I’m simply writing to myself in a dark, dark void.

This blog was set up for two main reasons.

Firstly, I firmly believe in giving back to the world. I truly do believe in giving my readers value and useful knowledge that they can apply in the real world.

Now, I do understand that I’m not even a college student yet, and that many people may say I have no right to teach others. In fact, I would say they’re quite correct in saying that. I will wholeheartedly accept the fact that I know very little about this world.

I was honestly contemplating shutting this blog down and saying goodbye to it for good.

That was when I watched a video about successful writing by the productivity YouTuber, Ali Abdaal, who says, when writing something, “You don’t need to be a teacher, you can be a guide”. This idea really resonated with me, as I realised this whole time I was simply trying to be a teacher, trying to act as someone who knows what they’re doing.

I’ve now come to the relaxing and relieving conclusion that I know absolutely nothing, and that it’s perfectly okay. I can still guide others who are trying to reach the same goals as me by providing them with knowledge that I know already, and having a discussion with what we can do next to reach our destination.

Productivity youtubers like Ali Abdaal have motivated me time and time again to move forward and achieve my goals. If I can just help one reader of this blog like these you tubers have helped me, then I can say my mission has been complete.

Secondly, I aim to improve my writing skills through this blog and build something useful that can hopefully pay dividends in the future. I want to create something that can lay the foundation for a nice future and that I can record and track my life in.

I have decided that I can also use this blog to write down my thoughts, opinions, reviews, and just general good stuff that can help organise and clarify my thoughts. Will this be useful to anyone? Probably not. Regardless, I’ve decided to go ahead with this action in the endless pursuit for fun and adventure.

For example, I may want to spontaneously post about things I’m currently learning about, improving on, or just discovering that may have piqued my interests.

I like learning piano, and can post about my progress on it with various techniques and songs. I also absolutely adore the game of chess, and definitely want to attain a master title sometime in the future (ideally I would like to find a training partner to come along this journey with me, but walking this road alone is also fine I suppose). I would also like to start getting into investing and stocks more, so I can become financially free and independent in the future.

Books, science, concepts, stories, games, there truly is a vast amount of things I can post about on this blog, now that I think about it!

Well, if anyone is still reading at this point, thank you. My passion for this blog and website has definitely been reignited, and I have no intention of letting the fire go this time around.

Let’s rebel against this boring world together. Enjoy the ride!

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