The Rebellious Student’s Top Subreddits

Hi friends, hope we’re all safe and well.

Reddit is, in my opinion, one of the most fantastic and most interesting sites the internet has to offer. It is 100% my go to app for procrastination, entertainment and in many cases, information.

For those of you who are unsure of what Reddit is or haven’t really heard about it before, (btw, happy 80th birthday Grandad), the simplest way of describing it is as a collection of countless different public forums, where people can openly talk, discuss, and debate about certain topics. These topics can range from, quite frankly, pretty much anything and everything.

For example, the subreddit (this is simply the Reddit term for a forum of a topic) r/sports ,is a forum dedicated to open discussion about sports. There can even be subreddits of niches of a niche, such as r/basketball for specifically basketball, r/football for specifically football, r/rugby for specifically rugby, etc.

Naturally, there is a subreddit for almost anything you can think of. Games, TV shows, cities, hobbies, technology, news, science, there’s an extremely high likelihood that you’ll find a subreddit dedicated to your needs!

Reddit is by far the easiest way of connecting with people who share your same interests, hobbies, and passions. Subreddits can be a huge and reliable source for market research for companies, and can also be used as a great way to interact with the community.

While it certainly isn’t always fun and sunshine, (as with every social media platform on the internet), it certainly does come close to being one of the top sites in my opinion

With that being said, I would like to introduce to you some of my favourite subreddits. Keep in mind this is merely a personal opinion, and all these subreddits are browsed for mostly entertainment and recreational purposes.

r/DadJokes & r/Jokes

Contrary to popular opinion, I find dad jokes to be some of the best ways to get a chuckle. Many of the jokes posted here can be quite funny, and are always a go to for when I’m feeling a bit down, or am longing for a bit of a laugh.


Before some of you begin to question the purpose of this subreddit, let me first put up a giant disclaimer: this subreddit is PURELY SATIRE and is one of the best things on the internet. The entire ‘inside joke’ of this community is that they are pretending to be standard ‘Karens’ (essentially crazy people who believe that video games are the sources of all evil; they’re also almost always part of an anti-vax or flat earth movement), and make hugely exaggerated posts linking video games to some sort of despicable evil, e.g. nazism, abuse.

I definitely must say that this subreddit is not for people who take things too seriously, or people who can’t take jokes. The core purpose of this subreddit is definitely amusing, and once you ‘get it’, the rest of the posts all become absolute gems. I’d highly recommend it if you sometimes enjoy dark humour, and also enjoy laughing at hilariously false accusations.


I can honestly, definitively say that r/WritingPrompts is one of the diamonds of Reddit. A place flowing with creativity, entertainment, and pure talent.

The purpose of this subreddit is that one user posts a writing prompt, (i.e the beginning idea of a story), and other users interpret it however they like, in order to complete that story.

The best writing prompts can have absolutely magical results, with some individuals posting truly top quality writing. It’s not even uncommon for some users to publish books based on their prompt responses!

Some of my favourite prompts and responses include being an alien who has discovered a crash landed human, being a timer traveller attending Stephen Hawking’s time Traveller party, and being a forgotten god on the verge of fading away

This sub is suitable for people who enjoy reading short stories, and for people looking to develop their writing skills. It’s always interesting to see what the day’s top prompts were and what were the best responses!


Ah yes, probably the most notorious subreddit of 2021. r/WallStreetBets is essentially a gambling den of a subreddit for people who essentially try to predict what stocks will go up (and make huge gains in the process). They also make bets that these things will occur, and must show proof that they went through with the bet (in the case they lose) or else face a permanent ban from the subreddit.

They have recently (at the time of writing) made media headlines for surging up the price of GameStop stock, and causing mayhem for hedge funds and financial institutions.

This subreddit is extremely unique, and I most certainly wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. But if I could describe r/WallStreetBets in one word, it would be ‘brotherhood’. You see, the beauty of this community, in my eyes, is how they understand and know perfectly well that most of them do absolutely stupid stuff. It is this knowledge that brings them all together, to form one big, happy family of idiots (in a good way). It’s an interesting and nice thing to see, especially when it’s very unusual throughout Reddit.

Similarly to r/BanVideoGames, I’ll only recommend this subreddit to people who can take jokes and memes, and understand that none of what is being said in r/WallStreetBets is financial advice. Trust me when I say you’ll get a unique experience in return.


Stepping away from entertainment and memes for a quick second, r/YouShouldKnow is a subreddit that posts daily tips and facts that ‘you should know’ for certain situations, that may one day prove useful. The general format of a typical r/YouShouldKnow post is generally having the title as the tip/fact that you should know, and then having the rest of the post explain why this tip is beneficial and useful.

While some posts may not be quite helpful and others downright obvious, r/YouShouldKnow does occasionally produce some cool fruits of knowledge here and there. For example, one cool thing I learned there is affective forecasting; which is a cognitive bias that tries to predict human emotions in the future (for example, if we feel sad now we’ll feel sad in the future, if we feel happy now we’ll feel happy in the future etc). It is important we recognise this bias and overcome it because human emotional states generally last shorter than we think, and so we shouldn’t let our current mood play a huge role in our future actions. The original post can be found here.

One rebellious quick reminder for you all (ha, I.e you should know) to always fact check and do a quick 10 second google search before taking any advice from the internet. While r/YouShouldKnow is definitely an interesting subreddit filled with lots of useful information, there will always bound to be misinformation and inaccurate facts out there.

Honourable Mentions

Trust me when I say I have joined more than 200 subreddits at this point, so finding the best ones was already an incredibly difficult task from the start. You will notice that I didn’t include any subreddits of any hobbies or interests , for example r/chess, r/piano, r/guitar, for that wouldn’t be thinking about people who may not enjoy those pastimes.

Below are a list of, in my opinion, pretty fascinating and fun subreddits that I also recommend you take a look.

r/RBI: The Reddit equivalent of the FBI, where people enlist the help of Internet sleuths to crack their own personal mysteries and unsolved cases.

r/LifeProTips: Similar to r/YouShouldKnow, but with shorter and more general tips and tricks.

r/AskScience: People ask questions about the world and get scientific answers. It’s always cool to learn about science!

r/eFreebies + r/Freebies: Subreddits that give away free stuff! r/eFreebies is for digital freebies, e.g apps, eBooks, online courses, while r/Freebies are for physical freebies.

r/ContagiousLaughter: Short and sweet videos that try make you laugh a bit (if the jokes aren’t working on you!).

r/HolUp: Another meme subreddit, but still funny. Essentially memes that have an unexpected turn of events that lead to a more negative outcome than you initially thought. Basically makes you say “wait, what?”.

And I suppose that’s it for this post. If you have any new ideas for things that I could post about, feel free to leave a comment! Likewise, if it’s a hate or mean comment you want to leave, feel free lol.

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