School Pet Peeves

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Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

This week’s post is going to be a bit more conversational and informal than most, as honestly I just want to go over some of my most hated pet peeves in school, maybe because a few of them have happened recently and I just want to destroy them with very mean words. Feel free to let me know some of yours as well, and we can complain about them together.

1. Teachers randomly calling out students in class to answer questions. Firstly, it’s important to establish that I’m quite introverted. I literally need to make up a 2 page script in my head in preparation for talking to the cashier in my local shop. I particularly do not bode well with sudden, unexpected interactions with people.

As some of you may have deduced, all of these ‘undesirable’ character traits have definitely moulded me into an awfully socially awkward person; someone who never wishes to be the centre of everyone’s attention. So when these teachers, who have absolutely no regard to a student’s social traits, immediately calls onto me to answer a question in front of the (usually crowded) class, my panic and stress levels absolutely soar above the stratosphere. It’s definitely not a pleasant feeling, 2/10 would not recommend, especially when they ask you a question that you haven’t studied/forgotten.

2. Does anyone have irresponsible, or just generally hypocritical teachers? I really don’t know how common this is in others’ schools, but teachers who actively encourage students to ask questions, but then exert visible frustration when we ask them a good few questions, always makes me feel unwell. A teacher should be able to foster a student’s curiosity, not criticise and belittle it. Naturally, it’s reasonable if these questions were just answered a few moments ago, but for genuine questions that the students have, I feel teachers should welcome them whole-heartedly without that much judgement.

3. Teachers wasting class time giving out to students for being late. This one never really made sense to me, where teachers get angry at students coming in late to class and spend 5 minutes or so explaining how ‘disrespectful’ and ‘inconsiderate for the entire class’ it is.

Look, things happen in life. I find it unbelievable that teachers get mad at students for things they can’t control sometimes. The very fact that a student is still coming into class even when they’re late should show they at least care about coming in. But then giving out and wasting even more class time over this late student is baffling. Instead of just silently acknowledging the student is late and just continuing with the class, these people need to throw a fit and embarrass them in front of the entire class. Is it a fragile ego? Is it insecurity?

Now, I know this isn’t applicable to all late students. It’s clear to everyone when a student comes into class because they just don’t care, but it’s also equally evident when a student is just genuinely late and is making an effort to quietly come into class without disturbing anyone🤦🏻‍♂️.

4. Clearly and visibly unmotivated teachers who don’t care. This thankfully isn’t a huge problem in my current school, but there were definitely teachers who everyone kind of knew had no passion for the subject they were teaching. And even if they had, it certainly wasn’t expressed through their teaching (although I suppose this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, as we can’t really change our personalities).

Teachers have some of the most important, hardest jobs in the world, in my opinion. They foster the thinking of the next generations, and help tremendously in the building of modern society. So when a teacher contributes their tiredness, disincentive, and lack of care to the class atmosphere, they in turn grow a disinterest in the subject, an indifference to what is being taught, and most unfortunately, extinguish what could’ve been a passion for the subject. A huge shame, and something which annoys me greatly whenever I see something like this.

5. This last one might seem a bit niche, but I really dislike it when teachers regularly unleash upon us a test with questions that have never before come up on exams. I thought the entire point of tests was to prepare you for the real thing?

Now, I can certainly understand the reasoning behind it, so as to make us totally prepared for anything that may come up on the real exam. It does get to a point where it just becomes ridiculously tough to predict what comes up though, and for that I consider this dislike a pet peeve.

Right, those are the biggest pet peeves my 18 year old self currently thinks are the worst right now. Granted, it may change in the future, but as of now those are my 5 biggest school pet peeves.

Once again, feel free to talk about what you hate/hated most about school, and we could possibly moan about them together.

Right, that’ll be it for this week’s post then. Remember to stay safe everyone!

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