My Final Week of School-Rebellious Thoughts

Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

This will be a fairly short and sweet blog post, in which I document my closing thoughts on what has been the final week of a spectacular and eventful 2 years in secondary school (mostly counting the lunch times).

I’ve already recorded all the events and my thoughts on each of the last 5 days in my diary, but I thought it would also be fitting to write some stuff in the blog as well.

Well, what else can I really say other than time has truly flown by. I still vividly remember a moment where I was sitting in the middle of a 3:30 German class, imagining myself finishing school and preparing for the leaving cert. Looking back on that moment now, I can’t really help but wonder why I was so eager to finish school. I could’ve taken so many more pictures and videos of casual day to day occurrences, rather than look toward the future. If I could, I think I would slap the me in that moment’s face and tell him to just live in the moment and capture as many of them as possible. Sheesh, getting a bit philosophical now.

I think it might also be fitting to include an excerpt from my last day of school’s diary entry, with some stuff edited, which I think perfectly encapsulated what I was thinking once I got home from school.

Well diary, how am I feeling? Honestly, everything feels so surreal right now. That’s it. My 6 years of high school are over, and I’ll most likely never see many of my IOE acquaintances ever again. Viv and a few others have mentioned how it was just ‘hitting’ them at times, and I think it ‘hit me’ as well once I got home. Empty, sad, sudden, but hopeful and reflecting, like the end of a holiday or summer camp. Am I making any sense right now? Eh, I don’t really care. The future may be uncertain and dark right now, but no matter what, I’ll definitely always move forward, alone if need be, in order to achieve my goals. No matter what, I’ll keep these memories in the bottom of my heart, and trudge forward. Always, that’s a promise.

Damn it, I’ll miss these guys


Well, for the one person who may be reading this right now, I’d probably tell you to live in the present, enjoy it while you can, and capture the moment, so your future self will stop being so regretful and whiny.

Yep, okay, cool, that’s about it. I’ll see you guys in the next probably unnecessary and personal blog post, stay safe.

11 thoughts on “My Final Week of School-Rebellious Thoughts

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      1. Making memories (whether good or bad) is actually the best to do at your last days in secondary school👌🏼.
        Friends? Nah….
        I’m not much of a big fan on friendship but I definitely have friends (few of them that I trust)….
        I haven’t noticed your blog in a while, WordPress kinda limits the number of blogs you see once you follow so many blogs but I really hope to read more of your posts❤
        Feel free to visit mine too💗🌹

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  1. I definitely understand what you mean, I’m always looking forward to the future and that’s why I don’t enjoy most present moments in life which are maybe small but meaningful. You speak a little German right? I’m from Germany so it’s always interesting to hear that. Could you write some words in German please😉

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    1. Haha, ja natürlich. Ich habe Deutsch für fast 6 Jahren gelernt, und man kann sagen, dass ich Feuer und Flamme für Deutsch! (aber die Relativpronomen und Zeitformen nehmen mich in Anspruch). Ich würde gern auch unbedingt fließend Deutsch sprechen. Ich vermute, dass Sie in Deutschland leben?

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  2. Great blog post! So many events in life that we work toward for a long time are gone in the blink of an eye. I’m glad at your age you have realized the joy and importance of living in the moment and making memories. You’ve just left the structure and predictability of secondary school, so college is an exciting yet frightening next step. It sounds like you have a positive attitude. You will learn so much during your college experience and, hopefully, make some lifelong friends. I’m 50 years ahead of you. Part of me envies you and my niece who will start college in August, but part of me is glad all the challenges and decisions of young adulthood are behind me. I wish you the best in all your endeavors!

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    1. Haha, you’re making my heart tear up a bit now. And you’re absolutely right about college, I’ll definitely try to make the most of it and live in the moment as much as possible.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment, I really do appreciate it !😄


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