The ‘Sherlock Game’: How to have fun working in a bar/restaurant

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Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

So, things have been pretty hectic for me recently.

Apart from working full time at a bar for 3 days a week, I’m also helping part time in another restaurant for 2 days a week.

And while yes, I’m definitely grateful I can be making some dough during my summer holidays, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t just a bit boring sometimes.

But, I think I’ve managed to devise a fairly fun game, that simultaneously helps fight this boredom, and even makes the job more engaging and entertaining. I call it ‘the Sherlock game’.

📜How to Play📜

1. When you are interacting or talking with a co-worker/customer, observe their entire body, face, and behaviour for the duration of the interaction. Notice as many things as you can about that person before the exchange finishes (as well as pay attention to what they’re saying…of course )

2. Once the interaction is over and you are walking away from that person, immediately begin interrogating yourself on that person’s appearances using 3 key questions:

-What colour were their clothes?

-What facial features did they have? (freckles, glasses, eye colour, hair colour, etc)

-What unusual/quirky thing did you notice about that person? (Way they spoke, posture, unusual accessories, extraordinary held items, suspected emotions they felt, etc)

Give as many answers as you can to each of these question before you see that person again (if you get the chance), then evaluate how you did later on once you can confirm some of these answers.

And that’s it. That’s literally the game🙃

Why You Should Play

-Distracts you from the possible boring aspect of the work

-Helps you become more observant of others and aware of your surroundings.

-Can provide helpful information to co-workers, when they don’t know who you’re talking about (like when they need to give the customer an order you took, but they don’t know what the customer looks like)

-Helps with working memory (completely unproven fact, but I found it’s worked for me a good bit)

-In the one in a million chance you witness some kind of crime scene or are kidnapped and held for ransom, you’ll later be able to give authorities a good description of the criminals 🙃 (you know, just to be prepared)

-Can help convince yourself you’re acting like a Sherlock Holmes detective😎

And yeah, that’ll probably be it for this post.

Since this one was also quite short, I might make post again later this week. Really going to try experimenting with shorter blog posts, as they’re easier and provide less friction when it comes to the writing process😃

Anyway, feel free to give the game a try. It might even be more fun when you recruit others to play with you,and then you can compete with each other to see how many details about a person you remember.

Cool, stay safe and I’ll hopefully see you guys in another post👋🏼

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