How to Never Run Out of Ideas

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Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

Whether it’s a blog, a YouTube channel, artwork, or any other creative endeavour we try to undertake, a common problem many people face is running out of ideas.

Sometimes, we tend to believe that we’ve run out of our creative juices, and that there’s no hope in putting out content anymore.

Even though I’m absolutely feeling some imposter syndrome while making this post, I’ll still gather up courage, step up, and say that that’s absolute nonsense. Though I’m still a newbie blogger (and even newbier YouTuber) with just over 50 posts under my belt, I feel like there are many ways to keep churning out content even though you don’t feel like it.

One thing I know for certain is that no matter what anyone says, there’s always an endless supply of unique, cool, and interesting ideas out there. And by learning from different creatives and experimenting on my own, I’ve gathered 4 cool techniques and tricks that can be used to come up with, record, and find new ideas.

⚡️Quick Capture⚡️

You know those ‘eureka’ moments where you suddenly get an amazing idea out of nowhere? We’ve all experienced it before, but it’s also likely we then forgot the idea a short while later because we were too slow in writing it down.

The ‘Quick Capture’ method, first taught to me by the YouTuber Ali Abdaal, is a method of combatting this frustrating experience.

Basically, just bring with you a notebook and pencil wherever you go. Whenever you suddenly get any noteworthy ideas, immediately try write it down so you don’t forget it. You can also add a widget to your phone, that quickly brings you to a note-taking app as an alternative. Actually, that would probably be more useful since we bring our phones practically everywhere!

Dig N’ Document

This is something I really like doing, when I just can’t seem to find any good ideas lying around.

Basically, document whatever you’re currently experiencing in whatever journey it is you’re on.

It can be any kind of experience or journey. New school year? Big exam coming up? New job? New travel? Learning something new? New business venture?

Document the problems you’re facing, the lessons you’re learning, and the impressions you’re having.

It’s always interesting to hear about someone’s experience in something you don’t know much about, or are also trying to improve in.

For example, I could document my journey to become a chess master, and make posts about what my biggest challenges are right now, what tools/resources I’m using, and what new things I’m learning about on this journey. This could also make for good evergreen content if you manage to actually reach the destination!

I’m even thinking about starting a ‘Diary of a Blogging Noob’ series, where I go over the lessons I’m learning and challenges I’m conquering as an amateur blogger (this will probably be the first post of it🙃). And if I somehow reach a good enough following in the future, I’d like to think that series would have some valuable information on how I went from an amateur to a ‘pro’.

There’s plenty of things to attempt and have a go at, there’s no harm in trying and documenting your experiences!

Example: Documenting my thoughts on starting a diary.

🏅Achievement Unlocked🏅

Everyone has done some little things in life, which have made us at least mildly proud of before.

Maybe you completed that marathon. Maybe you learned that new song on that instrument. Maybe you broke a new record for the amount of consecutive push ups you can do.

My point is, everyone has those small ‘achievements’ that you never really bring up because the occasion has never truly arisen (and of course we don’t want to talk about ourselves all the time either).

Think back on what things you did that made you feel even somewhat accomplished, and write about how you did it, why you did it,how it made you feel in the end etc. Offer some insights, advice, or tips on how someone else can achieve that milestone.

What I’m basically saying is, the ambitious and daring will always have a never-ending supply of new ideas for content, since they’re constantly trying out new things and achieving their goals. Write about your achievements, no matter how small, and offer your thoughts on it.

Example: Me discussing the time I got over my first ever job interview. That’s definitely some kind of achievement to me at least!

🔥Crash and Burn🔥

I read about this method in Matthew Dicks’ book ‘Storyworthy’ (highly recommend btw), where he talks about using it to find new ideas for compelling stories.

Basically, find yourself a comfortable and safe spot, and prepare some paper and pencil. Then, simply, let your mind wander. I think it’s what people call ‘stream of consciousness writing’.

Stream of consciousness is pretty much writing/noting down whatever thought enters the mind, regardless of how embarrassing, bizarre, or unusual it may seem. If it so much as even crosses your mind and you begin thinking about it, it’s going on the paper.

Dicks mentioned he uses this method to recall noteworthy events from the past, and uses those events to weave together a new story.

However, I argue that this method can work just as well for coming up with ideas for content. We’re bound to have some thoughts and opinions about practically everything in the world after all.

Many of my favourite blog posts came from ideas reached within a crash and burn session, so I highly advocate at least trying it out!

Example: The ideas for my posts on ditching class, and ‘personality vs content’ style of blogging, both came from mini crash and burn sessions!

Whoo, that was a bit of a long winded post, but it was still quite fun to write nonetheless. The process of thinking and coming up with ideas is really interesting I think, which is why I decided to make a post dedicating my thoughts on how I personally go about doing it.

Hopefully some of you may have learned something in this post, that would be really cool 🙂

Anyway, stay safe and I’ll hopefully see you in another post👋🏼

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