Finding Time to Write and Blog (Diaries of a Blogging Noob)

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Hey friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

Its probably not a huge surprise that finding time to write throughout your day can be quite difficult sometimes. This is quite bad for several reasons, the main one being how important it is to write consistently if you want your website to grow.

Consistency is king, and writing daily (even if you don’t upload a post daily), is vital for a website’s longevity. I find the times that I hate blogging the most is when I haven’t written anything all week, and I’m desperately writing a post on the day where I’m due to upload something. Basically the writing equivalent of cramming for an exam, I suppose.

So, here are some of the things I do to try write and blog consistently everyday, even when my time is scarce.

🎯Bare Minimums🎯

Everyday I set a goal of writing a minimum of 3 paragraphs.

Just, 3 paragraphs.

Even if these paragraphs are 2 lines long, I count them as a paragraph and towards my goal.

This goal is typically really, really easy, and most of the time I have no problem finding a measly 5 minutes in my life just to get these 3 paragraphs written and out of the way.

Usually what happens though (and is the intention of this goal), is that once I start writing, I begin finding the ‘writing flow’ and start writing much more than 3 paragraphs.

And even if I’m not feeling it on the day, I’ll still be happy that I’ve written ‘something’ for a post, and can look toward the next day for writing more.

🏃‍♀️Standard Routine🏃‍♀️

Another really helpful thing that keeps me writing daily is setting a standard time of day I write my few paragraphs, which is usually around noon.

I think it’s important to incorporate writing into a daily routine, if you truly want to make it a habit. And I think doing things consistently at a consistent time of day is definitely a good way of accomplishing that.🙃

🛑Reduce Friction🛑

What I mean by ‘friction’ in this context, is stuff that prevents you from doing things that are truly productive and/or meaningful to you. For example, you create friction for going to the gym if you always leave your equipment and gear in some hard to access/inconvenient place, like downstairs or in another room. People tend to agree that if all of their gym clothes and equipment were right beside them when they’re ready to go gym, it’s much easier for them to go.

You create friction for studying for an exam when you always leave your notes and books in some inconvenient location, instead of at your usual studying place.

Even if overcoming this friction takes just 30 seconds, it still adds on to the ‘work’ and ‘willpower’ needed to get on with it. I suspect many will know what this feels like, when you feel you just can’t be ‘bothered’ to do the thing you need to do, because first you need to get all the stuff you need ready!🤦🏻‍♂️

This same principle applies to blogging. When you reduce the friction required to blog (i.e, make blogging more accessible and convenient), it becomes much easier to actually start writing.

A few ways I reduced the friction for blogging were:

a) Downloading the WordPress app on my phone and writing on there, rather than on my laptop (since I bring my phone pretty much everywhere, and it’s much more convenient to whip out my phone rather than laptop)

b) Always having several drafts open, so that I can instantly write about something else if I’m losing interest in the current topic .

Reducing friction is an important and essential part in building any good habit, so I highly encourage you to apply it in your lives as well😃

How do some of you find time to write throughout your day? Or to do any other meaningful hobby? As always, feel free to leave a comment down below.

Thanks, and stay safe everyone👋🏼

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