The Love-Hate Relationship with My Pets

Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

Let’s talk about pets-I love them.
The first pet I vividly remember having was a rabbit in China, and a bearded dragon in Dublin. I don’t quite remember the fate of my Chinese rabbit, but I do remember my dragon Bobby’s one, which I won’t really talk about😅

As a kid, I loved my pets to the moon and back. I remember back in primary school, when I was constantly boasting about how I owned a real life dragon at home, and how I lied and said it occasionally breathed fire. Not only were my pets a lovable companion for my young, naive self, but they also provided a boasting factor!

But now, as I am older and share responsibility to properly take care of pets now, I now recognise how sometimes our sweet, cute, and lovable pets, can be assholes.

Last year, my family adopted two adorable, 1 month old kittens called Ellie and Enda and I can honestly they’ve been super, super lovable. The thing is, when I was younger I saw pets as simply ‘wow’ things, stuff that you’d look at for 5 seconds and be interested in whenever you walk past, before moving on with your day. If it wasn’t for my outstanding parents, they almost certainly would’ve suffered some neglect 🙃
But now being older, playing around with my cats would honestly be a highlight of my day. Whether it be with a small ball, a laser, or just dangling things in front of them to catch, they never fail to put a smile on my face whenever I play with them. Man are they adorable.

But also now being older, I can see how sometimes, they can just be an asshole. Take for instance meal times. Our vet specifically told us to feed the cats more dry and hard food in order to strengthen their teeth, rather than wet food. But every time we would pour the dry and wet food into one bowl, we would come back to find that the dry food had barely been touched! So of course the next plan was to just pour dry food into their feeding bowls FIRST, and once they finished would we give them wet food. But even then, hours after we poured them dry food, we would come back to find the bowls almost completely untouched. It was as if they were on hunger strike for wet food! Those picky pets…

Also, how come they’re persistent as hell? I remember in the beginning of having the cats in our house, we would occasionally let them outside at night for some nightly leisure. But once again, this seemed to be a very dangerous practice, as informed to us by the vet. So obviously, we heeded the professional’s advice and started letting them out less, and absolutely not at all at night. The resulting rioting the two caused left me shattered.
Since most of the time Ellie and Enda would leave the house through my bedroom window to go out at night, for the next two weeks after we imposed the strict curfew, I was subject to absolute torturous, heart-breaking meowing outside my bedroom door. The two meowed, wailed, cried, shrieked, and scratched at my door continuously for the nights after the restrictions were set in place, all the time while I was trying to go to sleep and hold back tears.

After writing these experiences out, I realise maybe I’m just too weak of a pet owner😅

But once again, I just want to re-iterate my love for these 2 cats. They’re emotional support, lovable companions, and horrible rule-followers that I would die for, no questions asked🙂

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, I really appreciate it! Enjoy some pictures of my cats as thanks, stay safe!

Ellie and Enda playing with a laser🙃

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