Discover EU: Zürich🇨🇭

Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

Onto the second last country of my Interrailing trip: Switzerland!

Day 1

  • Arrived in Zürich super late because it turns out the train we had our sights on wasn’t actually running that day. Luckily met other Interrailers who kindly helped us with our situation as we tried navigating through Belgian stations and help desks to get to Switzerland. Arrived at the hostel at 2:30am in the morning
  • Went for a sweaty and scorching hike up a local mountain, and got a panoramic view of the entire city of Zürich. Absolutely beautiful, but it was also so hot I went shirtless for the majority of the hike which I usually never do. Surprisingly didn’t even get bit once, even though my friend did numerous times. Found out there was a massive party at the peak once we arrived too, and also (rather unfortunately) found out as we were descending the small tower at the top that the public toilet boxes below us all had a see-through roof…
  • Got off the train prematurely on the way home and hiked for another 30 mins to get back to our hostel for an ‘adventure’. Was destroyed by the time I got to our room. 🫠

Day 2

  • Looked for a gaming cafe to play video games with friends, but turns out they were all closed for some kind of holiday (maybe Pentecost?)
  • Witnessed the might of the Swiss rain, where we quite literally heard it before we felt or saw it. It happened as we were casually walking through a neighbourhood, until I noticed the dark clouds above us were gathering quickly and so I mentioned it.
    “Hey lads, we should probably leave before those rain clouds start…doing their thing”, which was followed seconds later by my friend turning to us and saying “What’s that sound?”. We listened closely and discovered an almost ‘rumbling’ sound that was faint, but getting louder and louder.
    We then looked down the street to see the rain literally coming towards us.
    “Oh shit, RUNNN!” and then we pretty much all legged it instantly. One of the most memorable moments from the trip
  • Walked down the famous shopping street ‘Hauptbahnhofstrasse’? Everything was closed though, unfortunately. Also saw the university of Zürich from outside before we succumbed to our hunger and promptly went to get food.
  • A (slight) sadder note on the whole trip in general, this was the first time someone literally stole some of our stuff. We stored 2 whole bags of pasta in the hostel fridge at the start of the day, but once we came back to cook it at night we found one of our bags was opened and halved. Like, half of the entire packet was gone. Reduced to atoms.
    And man, when I tell you literally ALL of us instantly got paranoid of the people around us, it was hilarious. One of us suspected a big, round-bellied gentleman who just disposed an empty, but pasta residue-filled plate into the sink, and then we all started suspecting him. But yeah, it’s a dog eat dog world out here it seems😞

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