Plans for Summer?

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Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

It’s definitely been a hot minute since I wrote a post on the blog, but I just finished my final high school exams last week, so I’ve decided to be a bit lenient on myself🙂.

Anyway, I just want to go over what my plans for this summer is. This is one of the final ‘teenage’ summers I’ll ever have before adult life begins to creep in with jobs and responsibilities, so I really want to make this one count.

One of the things that kept me going and helped me move forward during exams season was thinking about all the stuff I could do in the summer. So much so, I even made a bucket list for the next 3 months of summer holidays, that I aim to work on😬. Let’s go over some of them in this blog post, and I can see at the end of summer how much progress I made.


Cleanup my photo album and files in Google Drive. I simply want to erase all traces of high school education from my archives, whether it be notes, screenshots of notes, reminders, or homework, I’m going to try have a major cleanup 🙃.

Strengthen passwords. A few months ago someone successfully logged into my Reddit account, and some of the apps I’ve used before have apparently also had data leaks😬. So yeah, I’m going to be strengthening and making my passwords much more secure.

Cleanup Anki decks. If I do well (in my eyes) in the exams, I want to upload the Anki decks I’ve been using onto Ankiweb, for future students who wish to do well in the subjects I did. So, I just want to go over the cards that I’ve been using and make sure they’re presentable and usable for the average future student.

Mindmap/Make notes on recently read books. Over the course of 6th year I’ve finished a good few books that I unfortunately hadn’t the time to take notes on, even though that’s what I usually do, like Super Thinking, Storyworthy, Show Your Work, and more. Definitely going to try make them over the summer now that I’m a free man.

Make a Daily Summer Plan. Basically going to try made a guide on what I could and should be doing on an average day. This includes going to gym, improving at chess, Japanese, German, piano, and working on a YouTube channel and the blog. Clarity and measurability, in my experience, are the decisive factor on whether or not you will get something done.

To Buy List. Have a couple books and random items that I want to buy. Chess books, merch, guitar strings etc. Nothing mind blowing, just simply want to get.

🥋Life Skills🥋

Learn cooking recipes. It’s a bit embarrassing to be a child of chefs and still be absolutely atrocious and stupid at cooking. So, I also have a few recipes in mind that I want to learn over the summer from my parents, like Mapo tofu.

Learn computer shortcuts and skills. Suffice to say I’m technologically challenged and incompetent. I only recently learned about the CTRL+Alt features, which is pretty embarrassing considering I’m supposed to be apart of the really techy generation. So, it’s high time I learn computer shortcuts and skills on the keyboard to try improve on that🙃.

SkillShare classes. There have recently been a few new classes on SkillShare that have caught my eye. I know the platform itself isn’t the best place to learn new things, but I’ve had good experience with it in the past and learned lots of new things. Anyway, one of my favourite Youtubers, Ali Abdaal, has uploaded a few Skillshare classes on side hustles, video editing, and cooking, that I absolutely want to watch over the summer.


Meet up with friends. There’s a couple people I promised to hang out with after I finished my exams, and would be cool to see again. Is it weird to keep a list of these people?

Make an end of school year video. This is something I’d recommend anyone to try make. I made a kind of ‘memories video’ for summer camp in 2019, and it was really fun and rewarding. I even had people message me on random days asking to see the video again because they needed a hit of nostalgia. I’ve pretty much been recording clips throughout most of the year, so I think it’s finally time to compile them into some kind of memories video that I can look back on in the future.

Catch up on entertainment. This will be the biggest task of all and probably won’t be finished by the end of summer, but basically there’s loooads of stuff I want to catch up on, stuff I want to see, read, and play. TV Shows like Brooklyn 99, stuff that have been recommended by friends, games that I want to try again, and books that have been sitting in my kindle for a while now. A friend even gave me an entire list of Japanese manga that I should try, so I think it’s unlikely I’ll become bored over the next 3 months😅.


Write an ebook. I’ve basically had a (in my opinion) pretty interesting idea for a book that I want to try write over the summer. Writing, editing, and launching books I’ve had some experience in the past, but as for making them succeed, absolutely none😅. This time, I’ll try learn from past mistakes and actually make one work.

Sell 25 things. Not gonna lie, the ol’ wallet has been looking a bit empty recently. There’s tons of things I’ve noticed over the last few months, that I’ve absolutely no use for anymore, and could probably sell off on the Irish equivalent Craigslist. The goal is to sell 25 things (if more, then fantastic), and boost up the bank account.

Focus on blog. I think the state of my current blog is pretty bad. No, disgustingly bad, and in need of a redesign. Additionally, I’ve decided to move the website to and get actual hosting (which seems to be pretty important), so I can have better future opportunities. Also, I want try network more and connect with other bloggers, to increase visibility of my website. To summarise, I’ll be working on improving the blog.

Focus on YouTube. In a past post, I essentially came to the conclusion that Youtube is another source of great future opportunity, so it’s best to try capitalise on it. I want to push past the ‘terribly bad and cringy’ phase of my videos, so that I can actually begin producing semi-decent stuff. And the only way to do this, I’ve found out, is to just keep uploading these obviously bad videos🥲. So to summarise, I’ll focus on making more YouTube videos, and begin uploading more frequently.

And yeah, those are probably my plans for the summer. I’ll see you next time in (hopefully) another blog post, which should be coming sooner now!

Stay safe everyone 👋🏼

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