A Weird Trick I Use to Stay Motivated in College- ‘7 Day Blogging Challenge’ Day 4

Thanks to Christian Erfurt @christnerfurt for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

It’s pretty tough in college right now, I can’t even lie. So much of what we’re learning isn’t even completely new and fresh nor hugely complicated, but it’s the rush to try and understand everything quickly that’s getting to me.

The different integration methods and concepts in my engineering mathematics module, the statistical tools in my statistical analysis module, the concepts and models in my economics module, etc. And I haven’t even gotten to programming yet, where pretty much everything requires a bit of understanding.

Now of course, this degree of difficulty is definitely to be expected. But one thing that is surprising to me is how resourceful one needs to be when entering college, since most of the time I’m doing extra studying and research in my own time to fully understand the material. Perhaps this can be attributed to the not-so-desirable quality of some of my lecturers, but I suppose this is also part of the college experience 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anyway, with this amount of workload and degree of difficulty, it’s important to stay motivated in order to power through the work. So, let me share you what I do in order to get motivated to get through my studies😤

Basically, I just look up my course page on the college website lol

There, they describe, with a much bigger picture, what my course is going to teach me as well as how it is going to apply to my future career. They describe what graduates of my course do, where they are now, and how this course has changed them.

It’s pretty corny, but every time I read about what my course will be teaching me in the big picture, it gets me pretty motivated to power through the small stuff we’re doing right now. I suppose I’m just happy to be in college learning stuff I find interesting, pursuing a degree I actually want to get, and being exposed to new concepts, ideas and people all the time.

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