Conclusion from the 7 Day Blogging Challenge April 2022 credit:

Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

Well, looks like we did it! I successfully stayed disciplined and managed to post one blog post a day for one whole week.
Not going to lie, it was definitely tough at times considering the amount of other things I would rather have been doing other than blogging sometimes. But this challenge did indeed motivate me to just sit down and consistently write up an entire blog post in one sitting for 7 days straight, which is pretty good. I’ll talk about my confessions and thoughts I had during the challenge, as well as wrap up it all up with results and insights I gained from taking on this challenge.


  1. People who blog consistently every day are insanely disciplined,. Even if the post is a few paragraphs long, it does take self-control to continuously write and publish something everyday which I think deserves some praise.
  2. To be honest, not all blog posts were actually written within 24 hours of each other. There were times I was in the middle of writing a post, before having to go to work and then later come back at midnight to finish it off. Once I did finish it off, I set the publish time like 5 hours earlier than the current time, which would sometimes be 2 in the morning, so yeah😅
    Honestly, I don’t really think this takes away from the authenticity of the challenge all that much. In my opinion, I pretty much wrote and published every new day, which is what I wanted the challenge to motivate me to do.

It’s just beginning to dawn on me that a load of ‘thoughts’ of the challenge would be too similar to ‘insights’ gained from after completing the challenge, so with that being said let’s just move on to results and lessons learned from the challenge.


The week I managed to write a post every day, happened to be one of the most popular weeks for my blog, according to my statistics. The entire week saw me gain 110+ views (yes, very big for a small blog), as well as 90 visitors. There wasn’t much change in follower or comment count, but that is not a big surprise.

I feel like these results definitely doesn’t reject my original hypothesis, where I believed that the algorithm and SEO tends to favour a regular posting schedule.

These are interesting results regardless, and I look forward to trying this challenge again i the future.

😃Closing Thoughts😃

So, will I be doing this regularly? Probably not. If I do switch to a ‘one post every day’ schedule’, I’m afraid they would have to be short and low-quality.
A mistake I made a the start was trying to write one of the longest posts I’ve ever written, for the 1st day of the challenge. It’s what caused the challenge to be delayed by over a week, so I kind of regret that😅

Anyway, it was good to get a feel of what a hyper-consistent and hyper-regular blogging schedule felt like, and I will no doubt be trying other blogging/writing challenges similar to this in the future.

Thanks so much for reading this far if you did, stay safe!

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