‘How to Own the World’ by Andrew Craig-Rebellious Book Review

Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

Today I’d like to review a book that I had read quite a while ago, and has left me with many fruits of knowledge about the world of investing-‘How to Own the World’ by Andrew Craig.


I managed to find this book when I was in my peak reading phase, browsing through Amazon’s ‘Business’ section in the kindle store, and the title immediately caught my interest.

After finding the writer’s introduction and first few paragraphs in the sample amusing and likeable, I went ahead and bought the full thing.


I’ll begin by saying this book was the most information-heavy book I’ve ever read. It is also the book that took me the absolute longest time to read. Though that might be attributed to me taking the time to try understand everything the book talked about, the fact exists nonetheless.

Anyway, this book was pretty much my very first introduction to the world of investing, and I appreciate it having taught me so much.

The importance of diversification in not just stocks and sectors, but assets in general like commodities and property, was the biggest takeaway from the book (hence the name of it, I suppose). Of course, the book also delved into each commodity type in lots more detail, which was super fascinating. Other financial concepts like ‘ghostflation’ and what an ‘investment fund’ was, were all things I first learned in this book as well.

Because I finished the book when I was like 16 or 17, my general impressions and thoughts on the book aren’t particularly strong nor vivid. Maybe it might’ve been better to pick the conventional ‘The Intelligent Investor’ as my first investment book, but all in all I still learned and remember a lot of what the book taught and explained, so I’m happy regardless.

The author often used real life examples to reinforce concepts, and explained things in generally understandable terms, while still explaining in some detail.

Overall, an okay book to learn about the basics of diversification and what each class of asset entails, and how to go about acquiring them. Possibly better books out there that does the job better, but just haven’t gotten around to reading them yet.

Solid 6.5/10.

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