All My Past (Failed) Entrepreneurial Ventures at Age 19

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Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

This week I’ve decided to share some of my past entrepreneurial ventures from my childhood and teenage years with you all.
I feel like I’ve always had a passion in business and entrepreneurship, since my mother is a businesswoman and is someone I look up to a lot. The idea of putting in time, effort, and discipline and taking risks, to reap potential rewards later on is thrilling. Of course, the idea of ‘financial freedom’ appealed to me a lot too. I admit I’m extremely fortunate to have never been in a situation where I desperately, desperately needed money, so I consider my interest in business to definitely be genuinely about business 🙃

Anyway, that’s certainly enough rambling on my end. Let’s now walk you through a timeline of my naive, hilarious, and cringy failed entrepreneurial ventures from my life so far.

🦹🏻‍♀️Comic Books🦸🏻

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the ‘Captain Underpants’ series.

We basically follow the protagonists of the series, two elementary school students called George and Harold, as they make hilarious comics about the their fictional superhero Captain Underpants, and then deal with the shenanigans they write about in their comics actually happening in real life. Each book was honestly a great adventure, and I definitely took inspiration from them when making my own comics.

I remember making 12~ ish comics during that time, all about my own imaginary superhero ‘Elemental Man’ fighting evil monsters around my primary school. The whole grand plan was that I would sell these ‘comics’ during break times and make some dough, but of course that never happened as I never had the courage nor confidence to pitch and sell my stuff. I do remember them being well-received by my teachers though, as some of them even invited me during class time to give a talk to their class about these comic books.

A funny memory I have is when one of my teachers asked me how much I wanted to sell one comic book for, and I, being the market and industry expert I was, genuinely charged him like €2 for one, as I had no idea what the average price of a comic book was.

Unfortunately I can’t find any of these comics anymore (as I don’t have the slightest clue where I left them), but if I do eventually stumble across one I’ll make sure to make a post on here ridiculing them.

Total profit made from this venture: €2.50, since I actually do remember 2 teachers kindly ‘paying’ me for two comics, which was really nice of them


At age 15ish, was when I started falling into the ‘financial freedom’ and ‘being your own boss’ hole of YouTube. I started following all the ‘financial and business gurus’ that all advised and preached the exact same stuff of having a positive mindset, waking up at 5am every morning, doing meditation every night before bed etc.
It was a really cringey phase I look back on with distaste to be honest.

It got so bad I even bought a €100 course on the different methods of building streams of passive income. Which, I suppose when putting in lots of consistency and hardwork, is definitely possible, but absolutely not for the naive 15 year old me who just wanted some quick money.

One of the methods of creating passive income the course talked about was through selling ebooks.

And so, with an impressive 15 years of life experience under my belt, I decided this was the path I would pursuit. I mean, I even WON a writing competition back in primary school, so I guess you can consider me a professional writer anyway🤷🏻‍♂️

In the next few months, I managed to churn out a grand total of 2 whole ebooks. One was on how to have confidence (the absolute irony), and the other on how to do well in school. And while I managed to follow most of the course’s advice on how to promote an ebook, in the end they both (obviously) flopped. I wrote the books with barely any passion or sincerity at all, and only focussed on writing the pretty much bare minimum to have the books published. Not to mention I didn’t really make an effort to advertise the book, garner reviews, or do anything to increase their visibility.

With all that said, I did admittedly learn a lot. The whole process behind writing an ebook, how easy it was to publish it on Amazon, how to research trends etc. So definitely no regrets anyway, even if it was cringey. I’ll probably even write another book in the future, on something I have more enthusiasm and interest for!

Total profit made through this venture: ≈€1.50 ish?


Yep, this all comes full circle I guess.

The original reason I started this blog was solely to make money and nothing else. It was another method of making ‘passive income’ that was taught in the scammy €100 course I bought, and since it was similar to writing ebooks (I mean, both just involved writing which I convinced myself I was already good at), I embarked on this venture around the same time I started writing my first ebook.

And my goodness was the old content of this blog the cringiest stuff I’ve ever created. Every post and title and image was pure, generic BS on stuff I pretended I was an expert in.





Obviously, since I didn’t have a genuine interest in blogging at the time, I quickly grew bored of the business adventure and quit only a few months in.

It wasn’t until last year that I actually became fond of writing online, and found out the realistic benefits of doing so. I’ve since archived/deleted all those old posts, completely rebranded and redesigned the website, and only write stuff I actually like now!
I suppose this venture is one I’m still continuing, just for completely different reasons now. I absolutely learned a lot as well. The most important lesson probably being the importance of only pursuing things you enjoy. It was fruitless to do things I didn’t enjoy, for a goal as shallow as just to make money. I’m just happy I ended up liking writing online anyway

Total profit made through this venture: €0.02

Lastly, if you’re a young entrepreneurial teenager tempted to buy some course that teaches you how to get rick quick with dropshipping/Amazon FBA/blogging/writing ebooks/trading stocks/SMMA, please do yourself a favour and avoid it all costs🙃

Oh yeah, and only pursue the things you enjoy too, I guess.

Thanks for reading and stay safe

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