How to Barely Balance Responsibilities as a College Student

Hi friends, hope we’re all keeping well.

Once again, another short post this time around, but honestly college has gotten a lot more hectic in 2nd year. This is both fun and overwhelming at the same time, as every week there’s some new event or opportunity going on, but at the same time there’s so much other stuff to do it’s sometimes hard to focus.

Anyway, one of the only reasons I think I’m still surviving is because I’m able to balance responsibilities. Responsibilities as a student in my course, and responsibilities as a committee member for two different college societies. As well as some daily language learning and the occasional event participation on campus.

Todoist has been the absolute best resource in helping me stay on top of my stuff. Both for helping me keep track of what events are on what days, and what urgent assignments need to be done. For task-setting and study goals etc, I feel it makes a pretty big difference when you set tasks and goals for yourself the night before, instead of doing it on the day. This way it takes away a bit of decision-making and planning effort🫠
I also just recently discovered that you can actually set recurring tasks, by just adding an ‘@’ before the time interval. For example, I get set week readings pretty much every week, which I designate myself to finish every Friday evening. On Todoist, this can be set as a weekly, recurring task by writing after the task name ‘@every Friday’, which I personally think is quite nice.

For other, daily recurring habits that I designate myself like reviewing a bit of language vocabulary, I think designating a set time to do them everyday helps me to stay consistent too. Not even a set, hard and fast time rule like ‘every day at 1pm’, but rather loose ones like ‘before studying’ or ‘first thing after finishing lectures’ can still be quite helpful I feel.

Anyway, that was just a quick update on my 2nd year in college I suppose, along with a quick resource drop if you didn’t know about the gemstone that is Todoist already

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, and stay safe👋🏻

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